This wheat parota can be made instantly.

The richness of the coconut milk adds taste

to the parota.

For the layers I made a paste with rice flour

and ghee and used as a smear in the making.

You can substitute cornflour for rice flour too.

No maida was used.

So let’s get into the recipe now


3 cups wheat flour

Enough coconut milk to bind

1 egg

2 tblsp curd

1 tsp. sugar

2-3 tblsp dried methi leaves

Salt to taste.


Add a little coconut milk in a bowl first.Add the

rest of the ingredients and gradually add wheat

flour and enough coconut milk to bind to a soft


Apply a little oil / ghee on the dough .Cover and

set aside for minimum 15 minutes.

For smearing

Make a paste with 2 tblsp rice flour/

cornflour and 1/4 cup ghee .

Divide the dough into portions .Roll out each

into circles . Apply the rice flour mixture on

one side and make tiny pleats ,to form a strip .

Now roll the strip to a circle . Press down and

roll out to the shape of a parota.

You could roll out the whole dough into one

big circle smear with ghee on one side .Roll

it into one big roll and cut into portions and


Heat a pan , add a little ghee or oil and cook on

medium flame till golden .

Serve with any curries or kormas of your



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