The reason for the titling ‘ Lockdown pizza’was

because I didn’t have the cheese for the pizza ,

and couldn’t get any nearby or online .

Determined not to change my plans for the

menu,innovated this no knead recipe, and it

turned out to be the best and the quickest.

This pizza is the fastest ,I have made so far !

Less ingredients,but texture and taste were

excellent . Only sliced capsicum and tomato

was used .

I mixed Bansi rawa ( as short of regular rawa)

and wheat flour and the result was a soft pizza.

For the missing cheese,I made white sauce .For

the rest of the description let’s move to the

recipe . ( no knead recipe)


For the dough

2 cups wheat flour / all purpose flour

3/4 cup rawa

1-2 tsp instant yeast

1 tblsp yoghurt / curd

1 tblsp sugar /honey

Salt to taste

Few thyme leaves

A little pepper


Mix all the ingredients together , to a soft dough .

Cover and allow to prove in size . ( it took only

20 minutes for me ).

Divide into portions and flatten in greased


For filling

2 capsicums sliced fine

2 tomatoes sliced

1 tblsp vinegar

1 tblsp chilli flakes

Salt to taste

Mix all together and set aside

For the white sauce

2 tblsp butter/ oil

2 tblsp flour / cornflour

2 cups milk

Pepper to taste

1/4 tsp nutmeg

Salt to taste

Heat a non stick pan or thick bottomed pan.

Add butter , and then the flour,stir for a minute

Remove from flame add milk ,and rest of the

ingredients,and return to pan again.

Cook till thick like custard . Set aside

Preparing to bake

Roll the dough into a thin or medium crust.

Apply any tomato sauce you like first .

Next add the vegetables.

Then the white sauce .

Now bake in a 200C oven for 20 minutes !


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