I have posted many biriyani recipes,and if you

check there is a variation in each recipe .

This is also one like that , with cashew paste,

mace powder added.

Flavour of the chops was an addition flavour to

it.When it comes to cooking mutton/ chicken

biriyani it is best to cook with bones as the

flavour adds to it .

So let’s get to the recipe now


400-500gm mutton chops

1 stick cinammon

5 cardamons

5 cloves

1 tsp saunf / fennel seeds / perumjeeragam

2 -4 fried onions

1 onion chopped

1 inch piece ginger cut into thin strips

3-5 green chillies slit

Few mint leaves chopped

Few coriander leaves chopped

Juice of 1 lime

Saffron crushed in 1/4 cup milk ( optional)

1/2 tsp rose water

10 -12 cashew paste

1-2 tsp chilli powder

Ghee + oil 1/2 cup

Marinade ( 15 – 20 minutes)

1 cup curd or yoghurt

1 tsp cardamom powder

1/2 tsp mace powder

A little from the fried onions ( listed above)

2 tblsp ginger garlic paste


Heat ghee in a pressure cooker .Add the whole

spices and the onions with a little salt and sauté

till translucent .

Add the marinaded meat with with the rest of

the ingredients except the mint,coriander

leaves ginger strips and fried onions .

Stir for five minutes, add 1/2 cup water and

cook to 5 whistles .

For the rice

500 gms rice washed and soaked

2-3 cloves,1 small piece cinammon,cardamons

1 bay leaf

Salt to taste


Boil enough water in a pot. Once it reaches

boiling point,add rice and spices and cook till

3/4 th done .

Strain out the liquid and reserve a cup of rice

water .

For the final dum.

After the steam is released, remove the meat

pieces separately.

Arrange some meat pieces at the bottom of the

pot you are going to make the biriyani.

Next add a layer of rice,some of the gravy,fried

onions,mint and coriander leaves.

Then a meat layer.

Layer this till you finish with rice at the top.

Pour the rice water on the top, and cook on a

very slow fire for 10 -15 minutes.( tight fitting


Transfer to a casserole, so that the meat is

distributed well.

Once done add 3-4 tblsp of ghee on the top.

Garnish with mint,coriander,fried onions .

Serve with raita , and your favourite dishes!



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