Beetroot is a wonderful nutritive root vegetable

which has to be included in juices,salads often.

Good for growing children and for those who

feel low on energy levels. Earlier I had

posted a boiled beetroot salad , which I make

very often at home.

This recipe is a grated beetroot salad lightly

tossed in oil , to get the raw taste out with

spinach leaves and sunflower seeds.

Quick,easy,and tasty too!Summer days calls for

Salads and juices , so do try these recipes and

post in your comments and suggestions !


2 beetroots peeled and grated

A handful or more of spinach leaves

1 onion chopped fine

2-3 green chillies / capsicum chopped

2 tblsp lime juice

1/4 tsp pepper/ 1/2 tsp chilli flakes

salt to taste

1 tblsp oil

A handful of toasted sunflower / any seeds of

your choice.


Heat oil and sauté the leaves for just one


Remove from fire,and transfer to a bowl.

In the same oil add the grated beetroot and

sauté for just 3-5 minutes.Remove from fire

and mix in with the spinach leaves.

Add the rest of the ingredients,and mix well.

Nuts can be your choice of pumpkin,

watermelon seeds,walnuts,peanuts …,,..

As these seeds are a good source of VitaminD

it’s best to include in salads you make in these

present times.


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