Does the title look humorous?Well,this is a

recipe innovated by me . In regular the process

of ‘dum’ or slow cooking is done after adding

rice ,so only one ‘dum’.

But in my recipe I cooked the chicken in the

‘dum’ process ,and the rice too in the same.

So two ‘ dum ‘ to make this recipe .

By now ,you would have known the birth of the

title to this recipe .

Moving on to this recipe


500 gm chicken

2-3 onions sliced

2-3 slit green chillies

1 tsp saunf

3/4 cup curd

1 tsp chilli powder

1/2 tsp turmeric

1-2 tbsp biriyani masala powder

Mint and coriander leaves

3-4 tbsp ghee ( ghee + coconut oil)

1 stick cinnamon

3-4 elaichi crushed

3-4 cloves

Few sea moss

Juice of 1 lime

Grind to a coarse paste

5 green chillies

2 tbsp ginger -garlic paste


Heat ghee , add saunf ,whole garam masala,and


When the onion is light brown add tomatoes ,

green chillies , and all the ingredients with the


Mix well, and cook on a slow fire, for 20-25


For the rice

400-500 gm basmati rice (soak for 20 minutes)

Mint and coriander leaves

Bay leaves -1

1 tsp saunf

Salt to taste


Heat 4-5 cups water . Once it reaches boiling

point add the ingredients listed.

Cook rice till 3/4th done and drain out the

water.( reserve 1 cup )

Final assembly

Add the rice in the pot you have opted to cook

the biriyani .

Shove the rice to one side , add curry to the

other side , and mix lightly in a way that it has

alternate layers of curry and rice.

Add mint and coriander leaves ,a few drops of

rose water,and 1 cup of strained rice water and

cook on ‘ dum’covered tight for another 15-20

minutes .

Add a little ghee on top .

Preferences to add fried onions,cashew is your



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