Red rice hoppers or white rice hoppers have a

distinct flavour .Ground with coconut,coconut

water mixture and few other ingredients and

fermented, this is one good fulfilling breakfast

or dinner.

Click on link for other variations of the same:

Now to the recipe with red rice


500 gm raw red rice ( you could mix half white

rice too)

1 handful of white rice

1 cup cooked rice*

1 cup coconut water

2 slices bread( optional)

2 tbsp sugar

2 tsp salt

1/2 -1 coconut gratings or cut

3 tbsp all purpose flour


Soak the rice for minimum 2-3 hours or


Wash well and grind with coconut,cooked

rice,bread,tender coconut water to a fine

semolina consistency .

Now mix with the remaining ingredients.

Cover and set aside to ferment .

After fermentation add 1/4 tsp of baking

soda ,mix well and pour into appam chatty .

( tiny wok like vessels designed for appam)

Cover and cook till the sides are light brown .

Remove gently .

Note : To get the hoppers easily out of the

pan.Fry an egg with a little oil in the pan

you are going to make .Use a small piece of

the egg to smear with each time you pour

for a hopper.

If you are using a non stick pan then it’s


But hoppers in the normal pans are much

tastier and crispier.

* If you don’t have cooked rice .Heat 1 cup water and add semolina or coarse rice and switch off the flame ( 1 minute) .Cover and allow to cool and mix.

Photo shows egg hoppers and plain hoppers.

Varieties of hoppers like jaggery hoppers,cheese hoppers ,minced meat with cheese…….and many varieties can be made with batter.


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