Banana leaves are used for wrapping,cooking,

and serving food in tropical countries .

The leaves, not only impart an aroma,but gives

out a fine flavour when food is cooked in it .

The leaf has anti- bacterial properties,and

antioxidants,and is widely used in Ayurvedic

treatments,and cosmetic treatments too.

I have posted recipes of biriyani,cooked with

the leaf covered only on the top,but this recipe

is cooked with the leaf at the bottom of the pan

and top of the rice almost packed like a big

parcel and cooked in a dum( slow fire).This

method of cooking avoids burning at the

bottom,and the rice is moist and the texture is


The biriyani tasted unique and awesome,than

cooking directly in a pot !

So,do try this method and post in your

comments,and feedback!

To the recipe now


750 gm chicken

Grind to a paste

2 inch piece ginger

2 pods garlic peeled

1 green chilli

2 potatoes quartered

1 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder

3 -4 onions sliced

3/4 cup curd

3 slit green chillies

Whole spices ( 1 inch stick cinnamon,6 cloves,

3-4 cardamons)

handful of mint and coriander leaves

2 big tomatoes

Juice of 1 lemon

Hot water

1/2 tsp turmeric

1 tsp chilli powder

Saffron mixed in milk or water / a pinch of food


1/4 cup ghee+oil mixed

Grind to a coarse powder

A small piece cinnamon

2 cardamons

2 cloves

1 star anise

A little sea moss

1 small mace or javitri

1 tsp white poppy seeds or khus khus

1 tsp saunf

1 tsp cumin seeds

4-5 cashew nuts


•First marinade the chicken in curd with half of

the ground paste.

Mix the potato with Kashmiri chilli powder.

•Heat a little oil in a pan ,and half fry the

potatoes and set aside.

Add the remaining oil to the same pan,with

whole spices and onions and fry the onions till

golden brown.

Add the leftover gingergarlic paste with salt,

and sauté.

•Next add the slit green chillies,and tomatoes.

Add turmeric,mint,coriander leaves,salt,and

cook till tomatoes are soft.

Add the marinated chicken with 1 tsp chilli

powder,and cook in its juices for 10 minutes.

•Next add 1 cup hot water and the powdered

spices and cook till gravy looks thick.

To prepare the rice

500 gm rice ( washed and soaked)

Juice of half lemon

Few peppercorns

Salt to taste

•Boil enough water for the rice .

•Add the soaked rice with the ingredients,and

half cook (50 percent)the rice.

•Drain out the water.

Final assembly for the Banana leaf Dum

•Take the biriyani pot,and lay the slightly

heated Banana leaf at the bottom.

•Layer the chicken curry and rice ,starting

from rice at the bottom to ending with rice at

the top.

•Sprinkle colouring,or saffron only at the top.

•Add a little ghee on the top ( if you like )

•Cover with another banana leaf on the top .

•Close with a tight lid .

•Keep some hot water in a vessel on the

covered lid,and cook on a low flame for 15

minutes.( you will get the aroma of the banana


•Serve with raita,and your favourite fries.



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