This recipe is the same as Cashew Katli,with

a mix of cashew and peanut powder.

You can mix 1:1 ratio or just a handful of

cashewnuts mixed with peanuts to make this



1cups finely powdered cashew nuts

1 cup peanuts ( skin removed)

1 cup powdered sugar

1/2 cup water/milk

1 tsp.cardamon powder

1 tsp.ghee

2-3 tblsp.milk powder (optional)


There are two methods which i have tried, and

like to share with you.

First Method

•Heat all the ingredients,except the ghee

together on medium flame,till it comes to a

soft dough stage.

Lastly add ghee and roll between two sheets

of oil paper after  its cool.

Cut into desired shapes.

Second method

Heat the water and sugar till sugar

dissolves.(one string consistency).

Add the rest of the ingredients,and cook  till

soft ball stage.Cool,roll out,cut into 

desired shapes.


•When you powder cashewnuts,run the mixer

at high speed and powder at onestretch,to

avoid the release of oils.

•Sieve for fine powder.

•You could dry roast the cashewnuts lightly,and

powder  too.

•You could grind the nuts with milk to a paste,

and try a third variant too.My option is the

powder method .

•For a richer look you could use silver vark on

top of the mixture before cutting.(This does

not contibute to the taste)

•You can use only peanuts and a handful of

cashew nuts too



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