This caramel pudding is made with a mix of coffee powder and cocoa powder and then caramel is poured over after the pudding is steamed.

The hazelnut trapped in the caramel gives an amazing taste .Hazelnut with chocolate is undoubtedly a divine combination and this

pudding with a mix of coffee taste was unique.

So…do try this recipe and post in your comments !


2 cups milk

4 eggs

4 tbsp sugar or to taste

1 tsp coffee+1 tbsp cocoa powder mixed in little hot water

1 tsp hazelnut/coffee/vanilla essence


Beat the eggs, sugar and essence together lightly.

Add the coffee-chocolate blend and mix.

Add milk and mix well.

Pour into a bowl.Cover and steam till it is set firm.

For the caramel

3 tbsp sugar

1/4 cup chopped hazelnuts

2 tbsp water

a drop of lime juice

Heat the sugar and the water and cook till golden colour .Add the lime drop.

Spread the hazelnuts on top of the steamed pudding, and pour the caramel over .

Allow to set and serve.

Note :This pudding can be baked in a water bath.


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