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Decided to post something sweet ,and made

this chocolate cake for tea.This time I made the

icing sugar at home,and the texture of the icing

was good .(check below for homemade icing


Old times cake were mostly flavoured pound

cakes . Sponge cakes and gateau cakes were

followed later.

Compared to cakes which are made with exotic

combinations ,this recipe is comparatively

unique in taste.

Easy recipe to make and remember .Moving to

the recipe ….


100 gm butter

100 gm sugar

2 eggs

2 tbsp.cocoa powder

100 gm all purpose flour

1 tbsp.cornflour

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup milk

1 tsp vanilla essence

a pinch of salt ( do not use if you are using

salted butter)


Beat butter and sugar till creamy .

Add eggs one at a time ,and beat for few

minutes. Add essence.

Sieve the flour,cornflour,baking powder ,cocoa

powder together .

Fold in gradually into the the butter mixture,

(do not beat ).

Bake in a 180C oven for 25 minutes .

Allow to cool .

Layer and coat with buttercream.

You can use brandy or rum to moisten the cake

For the chocolate buttercream icing

1:2 ratio works well .

100 gm unsalted butter

200 gm icing sugar

A little milk ( according to the texture you require)

1 tsp vanilla essence

Beat all together till creamy and ice the cake .

Homemade icing sugar

1 cup sugar

1 tsp cornflour

Powder the sugar with cornflour fine .

Sieve and use.

Tip : Beating egg whites separately,and folding in with flour , gives a softer texture.

Post in your comments and suggestions!


Chocolatey elegant simple dessert , which no

one could resist. Chocolate mousse tops the list

of all mousses .This dessert is easy to make,and

tastes too delicious if prepared a day ahead

and allowed to set.( Even though it sets within

2-3 hours ).

The quality of the chocolate,says it all , so it’s

best to use good quality chocolates. I used dark

chocolate .

Now to the recipe..


100-125 gm dark chocolate

25 gm butter ( unsalted)

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp rum /brandy ( optional)

3 egg yolks

3 egg whites

A pinch of cream of tartar

150 gm fresh cream

A pinch of salt

3-4 tbsp sugar ( powdered)


Melt the chocolate with butter,in a double


Add egg yolks,vanilla,brandy ( if using),salt ,

2 tbsp sugar and mix well.

Beat egg white with cream of tartar stiff .

Beat cream with the remaining 2 tbsp sugar

until stiff peaks form.

Mix in the egg whites first into the chocolate

mixture ,gently and gradually.

Next fold in the cream the same way ,gently till

no whites are seen .( Do not beat ).

Pipe into individual moulds .Top with a little

grated chocolate and serve .

This dessert can be served without cream or

any adorning. Served plain itself,was amazing .

So do try this easy recipe and post in your


The same recipe can be made with white

chocolate for white chocolate mousse !


Kulfi the Indian ice cream with many

flavours,served in a stick , tiny clay pots,or

slices . The authentic kulfi is set in cones,or clay

pots called ‘matka ‘pots.

This is a lovely creamy kulfi with nuts and rose

petals with cardamon powder.

Summer time always calls for cold desserts,and

this was so cool and comforting . Only regret

was,that I couldn’t use the kulfi moulds, but

instead used muffin moulds .

So let’s get into the recipe!


500 ml milk

100 gm khova ( mawa)

6 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp cardamon powder

A pinch of salt

Nuts of your choice

Few rose petals

50 gm cream


Boil the milk ,and when it reaches boiling point

Add mawa, sugar and heat till lightly thick.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

Pour into kulfi moulds .

Cover with foil . Insert popsicle sticks , through

the foil so the sticks stay straight till set.


Dessert for the season!This mousse is with eggs.

I made a crust for the mousse,and it’s your

choice to opt for it.

Made from fresh mangoes, slightly stewed and

puréed was a delight .No colour was added , it

was the natural colour of the luscious fruit.

To the recipe now


2-3 mangoes peeled and puréed ( 1 cup)

3 egg yolks

3 egg whites

a pinch of cream of tartar ( optional)

2 tsp gelatine

100 ml fresh cream

2 tbsp powdered sugar

1/4 cup sugar ( check the sugar to your taste)

1/2 tsp vanilla essence


Lightly stew the mango pulp with 1 tbsp sugar

till it reaches a boil .

Whilst warm,add in the egg yolks,sugar,

essence and mix well.

Mix gelatine with a little hot water,and add to

the mango mixture .

Beat egg whites stiff with cream of tartar ,and

fold into the mango mixture till well blended.

Finally whip the cream with 2 tbsp powdered

sugar till stiff .

Fold into the mango mix lightly ( don’t beat

hard) ,and pour into individual glasses or a tray

and refrigerate for minimum 2-3 hours.

For the crust: I crushed some cookies and

added to the base.

You could add stewed cubed mango , if you like.

You could add chocolate gratings ,or drizzle

with chocolate .


Pound cake or butter cake is an absolute

delicious cake.

The traditional pound cake was made with a

pound of each of the 4 ingredients,butter,flour,

sugar and eggs.

During my childhood days , I remember any

birthday cakes will be made with pound

cake,buttercream icing,royal icing .Today the

innovations are on the roll .Whatever it leads

to,..the pound cake has a distinct flavour which

no one could resist.

So here’s to an awesome recipe .


200 gm butter

200 gm sugar

200 gm flour

1/2 cup milk

4 eggs

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp baking powder

Few blueberries

Few cashew nuts

A pinch of salt ( avoid if using salted butter)


Beat butter and sugar till creamy

Add one egg at a time and beat well .

Add milk and essence .

Fold in the flour,and mix lightly till well


Pour into a well greased tray .

Add the blueberries and nuts on the top.

Bake in a moderate oven (180 C) for 30-35

minutes .

Tip: To prevent the mixture from curdling ,

while adding eggs,add 1-2 tsp of flour .

Even if the mixture looks curdled do not

worry ,it will be fine when flour is added.


In fact,i wanted to make baked custard cream

donuts, but I had to make it like a tart,as the

dough was not sufficient . You could try making

fried or baked doughnuts.

A word about the buns – ‘Yummy’

The link to the dough


To the recipe


3 cups milk

2-3 tbsp custard powder ( vanilla) mixed with a little milk

Sugar to taste

Stewed pineapple or fresh chopped pineapple


Heat milk with sugar .


Once it starts to boil,add the custard powder

mixture , and the pineapple .

Remove when it is thick and use as filling.

Note . If you are making it like a tart like I did . Sprinkle some brown sugar on the custard , and bake .


This is a classic combination for rock cakes.

Rock cakes are a favourite in my home ,and I’m

into trying all possible combinations .

This cookie like cake is easy to make,and great

when you serve for tea.

This dough is coffee flavour,and little chips of

chocolate was added,with walnuts.No heavy

beating is required,and no use of beaters too .

The aroma whilst baking was awesome!

Do try this recipe and keep posting your

comments !


100 gm butter

100 gm sugar ( I mixed half brown and white)

1 tbsp milk powder/ milk

1-2 tsp instant coffee mixed in a little water

1 tsp curd( optional)

1 egg

200 gm flour

A handful of chocolate chips

Few crushed walnuts


Beat butter and sugar together.Add in the

egg ,coffee and milk and beat for a few minutes

(2 minutes is more than enough).

Fold in the rest of the ingredients and lightly

mix with spatula .

Place spoonfuls creating rustic shapes ,and

bake in a preheated 180C oven for 20-25



Jilebi the Indian sweet with the syrup filled in

is one sweet no one could resist . This tastes

excellent when served hot .Every bite is a treat

with the syrup drizzling out .

The authentic recipe is made with all purpose

flour , but the recipe I’m going to share with

you is no lesser match to the store bought

ones,or the authentic recipe.

Believe me , no one will be able to find that you

have made with iddli-dosa batter.

Making with iddli batter is more healthier than

the authentic one .My kids loved it !

Now to the recipe


1 cup iddli batter ( 1 day old only)

1.5 tbsp all purpose flour

A pinch of food colour ( kesari powder)

A pinch of baking powder.

Oil for frying ( oil + ghee can be used)

For the syrup

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

A drop of lime juice or padigaram ( alum)-to

avoid crystallisation.


Mix the batter well without any lumps .

Heat oil in a shallow frying pan .

Add the batter into a piping bag, and swirl on

hot oil.

Fry on both sides (should be crisp ,or remove

when bubbling of oil mellows ).

Drop into syrup only for 2-3 minutes . You can

see the syrup filling into the jilebis .

Always heat the syrup , before you add a batch

Remove and serve .

For the syrup

Heat till 1 string consistency and add lime juice

or a pinch of padigaram.


Kheers or Payasam is always a delicacy found

in Indian platters.

There are many variations of this dish,made

with rice,sago, semolina,poha, vermicelli,

moong and many more vegetable and fruit

combinations too.

The milk used can be pure diary milk ,or

coconut milk .This recipe does not require

precise measurements.It all depends on the

sweetness and texture you require .

Today’s recipe is with pre-soaked whole green

gram and sago.

To the recipe now


1 cup whole green gram soaked overnight

1/2 cup sago

8-10 tbsp jaggery, vellam, country or brown


1/2 tsp salt

3/4 tsp cardamon powder ( elaichi)

Few cashews

Few raisins

Few pieces of grated/ cut coconut

2 tsp ghee

3 cups 2nd extract of coconut milk

1 cup thick coconut milk


Pressure cook the green gram to 3-4 whistles in

a pressure cooker.Mash it after the steam is

released and set aside.

Boil 1/2 cup water in another bowl,and add the

washed sago , and cook till it is done.

Next add the thin coconut milk,mashed moong,

salt and the jaggery and cook till well mixed.

Heat ghee in another vessel ,add the cashews,

raisins and tiny pieces of coconut gratings,and

add to the cooking mixture.

Next add the cardamon powder and thick

coconut milk and cook only for 2-3 minutes,and

remove from fire .Serve hot or warm .

This could also be chilled and served!

Variations to this dish

1.Whole moong ( green gram) with vermicelli

2.Whole moong with basmati/raw rice /red rice

3.Whole moong with rice flakes ( poha)

4.Split green gram with rice flakes ( poha)

5. Only green gram can be used.

Do try your preferences,and post in your



A dessert which slides down your throat,which

gives you the cool to your tummy ,the comfort

needed for the season.

Like ice -cream these are like healers for these

summer days!

So here’s to the recipe now !


1-2 mangoes peeled,cubed, and stewed for 2

minutes with a little sugar.(1-2 tsp)

3/4th cup sugar+1-2 tbsp water

2.5 cups milk

3 egg yolks

1 tsp cornflour ( to prevent curdling )

3 egg whites

A little rum/ brandy ( optional)

1/4 tsp vanilla essence

1 sachet gelatine


Allow the gelatine to bloom in 1/4 cup water.

Heat the sugar and water till it bubbles and

changes colour ( not brown).

Add milk to the sugar,and heat till it reaches a

a boil.

Mix egg yolks and cornflour together and add

to the milk .

After 5 minutes add the bloomed gelatine,and

mix on medium flame , till gelatine is well


When it looks thick ( not very thick) remove

from fire .Add essence and rum if using.

Allow to cool .Add the stewed mango pieces.

In the meantime beat the egg whites to a stiff

froth,and add in to the pudding.

Set in fridge till set .

Can be served with praline , and toasted

coconut flakes.