Why I titled it festive biriyani ?Because it is a richly flavoured biriyani ,which can be prepared 

with chicken,mutton,or prawn.My first preference would be with mutton and then comes 

the rest.The preparation in grinding takes a little more time,but it’s worth the labor as this 

recipe has unique aroma and flavour.You could make the biriyani curry the previous day and 

add the rice the following day.This biriyani tastes even better the next day.When I make this 

biriyani I always make more…So now let’s get into the recipe.


1 kg basmati rice

3/4  -1kg mutton

4 onions sliced

4 onions ground coarsely(just pulse in the mixie.Do not grind fine)

5-6 tomatoes

3-4 inch piece ginger

2 -3 whole pods garlic peeled

15-18 green chillies ground separately

6 red chillies ground separately

1 cup curd

juice of 4 limes

1/4 cup coconut ground fine

10 cardamoms

7 cloves

3 inch piece cinnamon


1tsp sea moss(optional)

1 cup mint leaves

1/4 cup coriander leaves

1/2 cup ghee

1/2 cup oil 

Salt to taste.


Grind the ginger+garlic together coarsely and set aside.Before you start making.reserve a 

tsp.of ginger-garlic paste,green chilli paste,red chilli paste,and roughly chopped onion 

and set aside this mixture for the final adddition.

Heat the ghee and oil(set aside 2 tblsp of this oil to add later).

Add the whole spices,and the onions and cook till onions are light brown.Next add the coarsely

ground onions,salt,and sauté till translucent.The ingredients have to be added one by 

one,giving time for each ingredient to release its flavour and blend.

Next add ginger-garlic paste,then green chilli paste,and red chilli paste.Add chopped tomatoes

and cook till tomatoes are soft.Now add the mutton and cook for 5-10 minutes.Add curd and 

ground coconut and sauté well.Cover and cook the mutton in its own juices without adding 

water,until it is tender.

Once the gravy is done,remove the meat pieces from the gravy and set aside.Add the soaked 

rice (20 minutes) to the gravy.Pour water 1 inch above rice level.Add lemon juice and check for 


Heat the reserved oil in another vessel,add add the reserved onions and masala paste,with the 

mint leaves,and sauté till the leaves change color.Add this tempered paste to the meat and rice 

mix.Lastly add the meat pieces on top.Add coriander leaves.Cover and cook on a slow flame till 

done.Mix well and serve with your favourite accompaniments.

Awaiting your comments .


India is blessed with different cultures,languages,traditions, so is the Indian cuisine too.If

you take a look at the glossary of  the types of biriyani in India,it is a long list.Today i am

going to share with you a Kerala type biriyani.This is not too spicy but has a good flavor

with  coconut milk creating the twist .Before i go into the recipe i would like to share

with you the method of frying crisp onions for biriyanis and pulaos.

Fried onions for pulaos and biriyanis 

Onions sliced fine (quantity depends on how much you need)


oil for frying.


Transfer the sliced onions to a bowl.Add salt and ,mix well with your hands for 3-4

minutes and squeeze out the water from the onions .Fry the onions in oil till golden

brown.Drain on absorbent kitchen paper.Use as required

For the Kerala biriyani

500 gm basmati rice washed and soaked for half an hour.

2-3 onions sliced

5-6 green chillies sliced

2 tblsp ginger garlic paste

1-2 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp coriander powder

1 tsp cummin seed powder

1 tsp whole peppercorns

1 tsp.fennel seed powder

1 tbsp.garam masala powder

2 tomatoes coarsely pureed

few mint leaves

few coriander leaves

2 cups thick coconut milk

whole spices (3 cardamons,3 cloves,2 inch piece cinammon,sea moss a pinch,javitri a

small piece)

2-3 cups vegetables of your choice cut (peas ,carrot,beans,cauliflower,potatoes).

1/2 tsp.turmeric

1/2 cup curd

salt to taste

1/4- 1/2 cup ghee

For the garnish

1 cup fried onions

1/4 cup fried cashewnuts

a few raisins fried in ghee.

saffron strands mixed in 1/4 cup milk (optional)


Cook the rice  with required salt until 3/4th done.Drain and set aside.

Heat ghee in a thick bottomed vessel or biriani pot,and add the whole spices,onions and

fry till onions are light brown.Add the green chillies,ginger garlic paste ,salt,and spices

and saute till raw smell is gone.Next add tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes,and then add

the cut vegetables.Saute for a few minutes,and add 1 cup water.Cover and cook till

vegetables are cooked.Add coconut milk and remove from fire.Transfer half of the gravy

into another bowl. Top the remaining gravy in the pot with half the rice ,mint,and

coriander leaves and half of the garnish.Pour the remaining gravy on top of the layered

rice,and lastly the remaining rice and garnish the same way.Add milk and saffron

strands on top if you are using.Cover with a tight fitting lid and cook on a slow fire for 10

minutes.Serve with raita and curries you prefer.

Variations:The same recipe can be done with chicken  too.

                    In addition to the vegan list tender jak biriyani,egg biriyani,paneer,or only cashew 

                    biriyani could be made with the same recipe

Try and let me know your valuable comments



This biriyani’s main spice is black pepper,not colorful,mild on spice,no tomatoes,and

those who love the taste of pepper will love it.Not only black pepper ,white pepper is also

used  in making biriyani (will post recipe soon).Let’s get into the recipe now.


500 gm chicken

500 gm rice(basmati or seeraga samba)

2-3 onions sliced

3-4 green chillies slit

10 cloves of garlic

2 inch piece ginger

2 green chillies

juice of 1 lemon

1/2 cup coconut milk

few sprigs lemon grass

a handful of mint leaves

1 tbsp.biriyani masala powder/garam masala powder

Equal quantity of pepper,cummin seeds,fennel seeds powdered .(Use 2 tblsp of the


salt to taste.

1/2 tsp chilli powder (optional)

1 tsp cardamon powder

1/2 tsp sugar

Ghee 1/2 cup

whole spices (cardamons,cloves,cinnamon,sea moss,a small piece mace,fennel seeds)

few fried cashewnuts for garnishing.


First fry the onion till brown and set aside.Grind the bold listed to a paste.

Marinade the chicken with the ground paste,curd,lime juice,salt,pepper powder

mix,half the fried onions,and set aside for minimum 1/2 an hour.If you can marinade

more also it will be fine.Wash rice and soak in water for 20-30 minutes

Heat ghee in the same pan you fried onions,add whole spices,slit green chillies,ground

paste,fried onions,lemon grass,and saute till you get a nice aroma.Next add the

marinaded chicken ,and the rest of the ingredients and cook in its juices covered for 10

minutes.Next add the rice (do not discard the water in which rice was soaked),and

cook for 5 minutes.Add the coconut milk,and the water (1 inch above the rice

level).Check the salt taste.Add mint leaves ,Cover and cook on a very slow fire for 20

minutes.Its easy if you transfer to a rice cooker.If using the dum method (slow

cooking)Cover with a banana leaf,and then the lid,with a heavy object kept on the lid

(not allowing steam ). Garnish with fried cashewnuts .Serve with raita ,or any other

dishes you prefer.



Mint is one wonderful leaf which can be used in all dishes,whether it be a sweet,drink

cake, biriyani,salad ,curries or even icing.The aroma and the taste it creates, is unique.

The health benefits ,and the use of it in cosmetics is amazing.Today i would like to share

this easy and tasty mint rice.You could make a variation with fried potatoes,paneer or any

meat,or seafood,but mint rice made vegan is no less than a non vegan dish.So for the recipe.


2 cups seeraga samba rice (suduru samba)/basmati

1 cup mint leaves stalks removed

3 green chillies

1 inch piece ginger

7-8 pips of garlic

1 tsp cummin seed powder

1/2 tsp.pepper

2 black cardamon

small piece of black salt (optional)

2-3 tblsp.lime juice

2-3 onions chopped

1 tsp garam masala powder

whole garam masala (2 cardamons.1 inch piece cinammon,4-5 cloves)

1 tsp fennel seeds

2 star anise

salt to taste

1/4 cup coconut milk /cream

2-3 tblsp.ghee/oil/butter



Wash and soak the rice for 10-15 minutes.Heat oil in the vessel you are going to cook the

rice.Add the whole spices,fennel seeds,star anise,black cardamon,saute for a minute,and

add the onions and cook till brown.

Grind the bold listed and keep ready ahead.

When the onions turn brown ,add the ground mix ,and the rest of the spices .Next add the

soaked rice ,and cook for 5 minutes.Add hot water just one inch above the rice level .Cook

on a low flame till rice is done.Serve with cucumber raita,and any other curries you like.

Tip: Cashewnuts fried in ghee could be added while serving.




The title was christened by me ,so please  do not get confused .Colorful ,healthy and tasty

too.Not excluding it’s easy too.Made with all 3 colors of capsicum/peppers and cooked

rice,it goes into the lunch box category.So let’s get into the recipe now..


2 cups cooked basmati rice.(even left over rice is good)

1/2 green capsicum

1/2 yellow capsicum

1/2 green capsicum

1 tsp ginger garlic paste

1/2-1 tsp.black pepper powder

2-3 eggs lightly beaten

salt to taste.

1-2 tblsp.butter or oil


Heat the butter in a wok.Add the ginger garlic paste,and the chopped capsicum.Saute for

2-3 minutes.Push the veggies to the corner of the wok,and drop in the beaten eggs and

scramble.Whilst the eggs are scrambling ,mix in the capsicum ,with pepper powder ,salt .

Mix in the rice and stir with no lumps for 5 minutes.It’s ready to serve.

Note:You can add white pepper in place the black pepper.

You can add 1 tblsp. of chilli-garlic paste to spice up.


This recipe came up when i wanted to prepare mutton biriyani,and the meat delivery

delayed due to the rains,i had no option to convert the meal to vegetarian ,and it tasted

really good.I had  soaked rajma in the fridge already,so it was easy and  believe me it really

gave a nice flavor with jeeraga samba rice.

Pineapple roasted in ghee added to it gave a different and nice flavor.


For the recipe


400-500 gm jeeraga samba rice(tiny grain rice)

2-3 big onions sliced

1/2 cup small onions ground coarse(one whiz in blender)

2 green chillies

1 tsp chilli powder

2 inch piece ginger

10 pips of garlic

1 tblsp.garam masala powder

1/4 nutmeg

1 tsp.turmeric

1 cup rajma or kidney beans(variegated )

1 tsp.cummin seeds

1 bay leaf

3 tomatoes chopped

2 carrots

handful of mint leaves

1/4 pineapple chopped and fried in ghee

few whole spices(5 cardamons,3-4 pieces cinnamon,6-7 cloves,small piece sea moss)

salt to taste

Oil +ghee


Wash and soak the rajma in turmeric water till you make other preparations.Wash and

soak the rice for 20 minutes.Grind the bold listed and set aside.Heat oil in a thick

bottomed  vessel add the whole spices ,and sliced onions,and fry till brown.

Next add the coarsely ground small onions,tomatoes and salt.

Next add the ground paste, washed rajma,carrot and mint leaves,and saute for few

minutes.Add the rice ,cook for 5 minutes and add hot water 1.5 inches above rice level.

Cook open for 5 minutes,add the pineapple pieces on top.Cover with a banana leaf.

Top it with a lid .Pour water on top of the lid and keep a heavy weight on the lid.Simmer on

a low fire( dum).till cooked for 15 -20 minutes.Add 2 tblsp.ghee on top.(optional)

Serve with raita ,any curry you prefer.

The same recipe can be tried with chicken or lamb.


This is another addition to the list of variety rice and lunch box category.

In early days people who did not have the facility to store left over rice,found this recipe to

keep rice good,and the recipe was different.Here i give you a recipe for the tangy taste

lovers ,an easy method to make it .It can be served with chips,raita or pickle.


1 cup cooked basmati or any rice

few peanuts or cashewnuts

2 green chillies

1/2 lemon sized tamarind

1 tsp cummin seeds

1 tsp coriander

10 grains of fenugreek seeds(do not add more ,it will get bitter)

curry leaves

2 tblsp.sesame/gingelly oil

salt to taste

few peppercorns

1/4 tsp mustard seeds

2-3 pips garlic chopped

2-3 dry red chillies

a pinch of asafoetida

2 tsp jaggery mixed in a little water

salt to taste


Roast the bold listed  except for green chilli in a little oil for 1 minute, and grind to a

coarse paste with the green chilli.Set aside.

Heat oil in another wok,add mustard seeds, garlic,cashewnuts,asafoetida,

red chillies,peppercorns and saute for 1 minute.Next add the ground paste,then the

jaggery water. Check for salt.Finally add rice and mix well.

Garnish with fried curry leaves if you like.

Note:If you like morre spice you can add to the green chillies or add red chilli powder,when

adding the ground paste




Well this was my title for fried rice as i used Malaysian chilli paste(omitted few ing.) to mix

in .I used lime leaves for the paste,and added lime juice to the rice ,and it turned good.

The authentic  paste will have shrimps /fish sauce included.

You could include other meat or seafood of your choice.

I never use aji-no-moto,in my recipes,as my sway is always to the health side! 

Now for the recipe.


2 cups basmati rice /or good quality raw rice parboiled.

1 cup boneless chicken

1 tsp.chopped ginger and garlic

2-3 eggs

2 carrots chopped fine

12-15 beans chopped

1 small bok choy chopped fine .(cabbage can be used instead)

3-4 leeks/1 bunch spring onions(green and white part separately cut)

1 tsp.black pepper/white pepper

1 tblsp fish sauce/oyster sauce

2 green chillies/capsicum chopped and soaked in vinegar

juice of 1 big lime

3 tblsp.oil

1 tblsp.tomato sauce.

1 tsp.sugar

salt to taste

 For the Chilli paste

8-9 red chillies soaked in hot water.

7-8 pips garlic

2-3 lime leaves

a little vinegar to grind with

sea salt

Grind all this to a coarse paste,(do not add water.)add to  the chicken with 1 tblsp. olive oil/sesame oil and grill(on a grilling pan) till chicken is done.

Method to mix the rice.

Heat oil in a wok,add the chopped ginger-garlic,and saute for a minute.Next add the cut

vegetables reserving the green part of the leaves/spring onions.(to be added finally)

The vegetables should not be fully cooked. 

Add in the beaten eggs and pepper(Shove the vegetables to a corner of the wok while

adding eggs,do not mix in with the vegetables till it is scrambled).Mix the cooked rice

with lemon juice .Now add in the rice with the sugar and the soaked green chillies ,the

chicken mixture the sauces,and the greens and mix well.Cover and slow cook for 2-3


Remove from fire. Serve hot.

Note:Fried rice should always be mixed on high heat,except for the final stage.














This is the most quickest rice, you could make in minutes.Kids who are fussy about

eggs,and those who don’t love the smell of eggs,will really love this quickie!

So let’s get quick to the recipe.


1 cup cooked rice

2 eggs lightly beaten

1-2 green chillies (chopped)

1/4 tsp.white or black pepper powder

salt to taste

1 tsp.butter (optional)

1-2 garlic pips chopped fine(optional)

spring onion leaves(optional)


Heat a wok add the butter,the chopped garlic,green chillies.

Toss in the rice with the beaten eggs, pepper and salt.

First it will look sticky ,so cook for 1-2 minutes and add the spring onion leaves.

Leave for 2-3 minutes to settle.Now it will be ready to serve.

Serve with any curries of your choice.Kids will eat it right away.

Note:You could add fried cashewnuts and serve  if you prefer.

If you are not using butter you can directly break the eggs,with the other ingredients and

stir into the rice.



The dill leaf is a fragrant leaf which has many minerals and health benefits.

I tried this without using mint leaves ,as we normally use in biriyanis,and this seemed

to give a good flavor .You have to use only a handful of these leaves .

So try this recipe and send in your comments.


500 gm basmati rice/seeraga samba (washed and soaked in salt water for 20 minutes)

400-500 gm chicken

2-3 tblsp.ginger-garlic paste

3-4 green chillies(ground)

4-5 onions sliced

10 almonds+10 cashewnuts+1/4 coconut ground to a paste

1 tblsp.garam masala powder/biriyani masala powder

whole spices(3-4 cardamons,1 stick cinammon,5-6 cloves,javithri 1,bay leaf,aniseeds 1 tsp)

a handful of dill leaves

3-4 tomatoes chopped

2 green chillies slit

1/2 cup curd or yoghurt

1 tsp.coriander powder

1 tsp cummin powder

1 tsp.peppercorns

1/4 tsp.turmeric powder

1/2 tsp chilli powder(you could add more if you prefer)

juice of 1 lime

salt to taste

few curry leaves

3-4 tblsp.oil

1/4 cup ghee

coriander leaves to garnish

fried cashews and raisins for garnishing.(optional)


Heat oil in the biriani pot, or any flat thick bottomed vessel.

Add the onions,and fry till brown with the whole spices.

Next add the slit green chillies, peppercorns,ginger garlic and green chilli paste.

Saute till the slit green chilli changes color.Add the tomatoes with salt,and turmeric

Next add the dill leaves, and saute till you get a nice aroma.Add the chicken,and the rest of

the spices.Next add curd with the almond paste.After 5 minutes add 4-4.5 cups water.

Add the drained rice,and mix well.Check for salt taste.Add lime juice.

Once it has a reached a boil, cover with foil/banana leaf.(see note down)Put the lid on the

banana leaf /foil  and cook on a slow flame for just 10 minutes.After it is done,add the ghee

on top with the garnish .

Note:After you cover keep a small pot with hot water, on the cover of the biriani pot to seal

the aroma .

This biriani is mild in color but rich in taste.