As the summer is taking full control ,in Tamil nadu ,i think it’s best to keep hydrated with

cool and healthy drinks,avoiding fizz or aerated ones.Today i’m going to share with you

woodapple nectar or dimbul kiri called in Srilanka,In Srilanka this fruit is widely

available and also consumed raw like a  spicy sambol,and the ripe ones are either eaten

in the shell with sugar or made into a drink.This fruit with a hard wooden shell has loads

of health benefits.It is good for diabetic patients,nursing mothers,fights bacterial and

viral infections ,a  good blood purifier,good for respiratory problems as it eases out the

phlegm in the system.So now i’m getting into the benefits of coconut milk..why?As it is

part of the drink.

Coconut milk rich in fibre,and highly nutritious with  minerals like iron,calcium

,magnesium,..and Vitamin group of C,E,B1,B3,B5,B6.Unlike cow’s milk,it is lactose

free.Consuption of coconut milk (medium chain saturated fatty acid) may protect the

body from infections,and viruses.

So let me close the healthy part and get into the recipe.Simple recipes got big write up….


2 ripe woodapple pulp

1 cup coconut milk

sugar to taste.

a pinch of salt.


Blend the pulp,coconut milk and the rest of the ingredients.Chill in the refridgerator and

serve.Those who like it thin may add more coconut milk or water.

Serve with vanilla ice cream for the extra richness.Even chocolate ice cream can be

served with,but i like it with vanilla ice cream,

Without ice cream itself it tastes excellent,so its your choice .




The Dandelion flower is not only pretty,but very nutritious.So here’s a traditional recipe for dandelion wine!

9 cups of dandelion flower petals

3 bottles of water

rind of 1 lemon and orange

1 lemon

1 inch piece of ginger

24 oz.sugar

a tiny piece of bread

7 gm yeast

Boil the water,allow it to come to the warm stage,and then pour over the petals.Cover with a cloth,and leave for three days,stirring now and again.Then strain the water into a pan and boil for half an hour with the rinds and ginger.Then slice the lemon into it,and the sugar.When cool ,add the bread and the yeast,and leave for a day or two. Strain through a cheese cloth and allow the wine to be at least a month old for good flavour.


1 kg.black plums

1 kg.sugar

30 gm.dry yeast

25 gm.wheat

1/2 tsp.meta-bi-sulphate

3 bottles water

Wash and wipe dry the plums.Crush them.Boil water and let it cool.Pour the water in a big jar.Put the crushed plums,sugar,yeast,wheat and meta-bi sulphate  into it.Stir till sugar is dissolved.Cover the jar and keep it aside for 3 days.Stir daily for 18 days,crushing the plums well.Let it stand for 1 night and then strain through a fine cloth.Repeat the process.Allow to settle for 10 days.Pour out clear and clean portions into bottles.Tighten with stoppers.

photo credits:www.flickr.com


2 kg.sugar

1 kg.grapes

1/2 kg.wheat

6 bottles water

1/2 tsp.yeast

Wash grapes and without crushing,add them to the sugar ,wheat and yeast.Allow to ferment for 15 days.Then stir and crush the grapes well.Keep for another week.Stir and crush again thoroughlly.Strain after a week.Strain again after another 3 days and use.

Note:When you wash grapes,always allow to stand in water for 10 minutes for the third rinse,and then use.


1.5 kg.beetroots

1.5 kg.sugar

1 lime

15 gm.ginger crushed(3 tsp.)

15 gm.yeast.

10 cloves powdered

1/2 tsp.meta-bi-sulphate

4 bottles water

Wash and slice into bits.Add crushed ginger,cloves and thinly peeled rind of lime to the water and bring to a boil.Add the chopped beetroots to the water and simmer till beetroot changes color.Strain and add sugar and lime juice.When lukewarm add yeast and meta-bi-sulphate.Leave the vessel covered for two days.Strain into a jar and keep aside to ferment.Bottle after 14 days.


Ginger the wonder spice has ever so many health benefits which cannot be listed.In India it is liberally used in daily life.Ginger infused tea is,is a household favourite and grandma’s antidote for cold and flu.Ginger can be used fresh,dried or as on oil or juice. Ginger  juice is used for treating loss of appetite,nausea ,and vomitting.So now for the recipe.


250 gms ginger

500 gms sugar

10 cardamons

10 cloves

a small piece cinammon

3 red chillies(seeds removed)

8 limes

2 bottles water

1/4 tsp.meta-bi-sulphate

30 ml rum or brandy(optional)

Clean ginger,and soak it in water overnight.The next day,crush ginger,cardamons,cloves and cinammon.Cut the redchillies.Tie all these spices loosely in a muslin cloth.

Brown half of the sugar.Add 2 bottles of water to it,along with the sugar and the tied spices.Boil the water for 45 minutes.Allow to cool.Remove the spice bag.Add lime juice and meta-bi-sulphate.Strain and bottle.Rum or brandy can be poured into the bottle before filling the wine.

Needs no fermentation.Chill and serve.

Note:This wine can be used when making desserts,or in meat dishes too.