I was forced to make this recipe,as the papaya

which was left to ripen,failed.

It remained 3/4th ripe for many days.

Impatience and curiosity set,and I cut open the

adamant fruit.😀

Too much for a salad,so I decided to make this

halwa which could be kept for a few days.

Had soaked sabudana for breakfast ,so took a

cupful and ground it to a paste to add instead

of corn flour .

The time spent to make this was rewarded with

an excellent taste.The taste excelled better by

the day .

So,do try this fruity sweet and send in your

experiences .


1 medium sized papaya ( peeled and cut)

2 bananas

1/2 pineapple ( cored and cubed)

1 cup soaked sago ground to a paste

1.5 cup sugar ( or to your taste)

1 cup ghee+2 tbsp coconut oil

A pinch of edible camphor ( optional)

A pinch of salt

1 tsp cardamom powder

Handful of cashewnuts

Few raisins or dates


•First blend all the fruits to a paste.

•Heat half of the ghee in a non-stick or thick

bottomed kadai.

•Add the fruit pulp with salt,and cook for 10

minutes .

•Next add the sago,and the rest of the

ingredients ,except the ghee.

•Cook till the mixture is thick ,adding the rest of

the ghee at intervals .

•The mixing,and thickening will take about

35-45 minutes.

• The mixture should form into one lump.

•Grease a tray and pour mixture.

•Smear a little ghee on top,and allow to cool

completely,and cut .



This banana halwa is a signature dish in Tuticorin South India.As banana halwa is one of

my  top favourites,and the ripe bananas dominating the fruit basket,triggered me to make

this banana delight.

I have used brown sugar and a little jaggery,avoiding the use of white sugar,and it turned

out to be awesome.Thought to share with you all.!


4 ripe big bananas (not overipe and brown) mashed.(cavendish bananas)

125 gms brown sugar

1/4 cup jaggery

1 tsp.cardamon powder

1.5 tblsp cornflour mixed in  a little milk

few cashewnuts chopped

1/2 cup ghee +2 tblsp olive oil.

pinch of salt.


Use a thick bottomed pan and heat half the ghee.Add the mashed bananas and keep

cooking till it changes color.Add the sugar ,then the jaggery,salt and keep mixing.

Once the sugar has dissolved add the cornflour ,cardamon powder, and mix well.

Once you see the mixture leaving the sides of the pan and thick,add the rest of the ghee


Add cashewnuts and keep mixing till you get a thick and nice brown color.

Transfer to a greased plate . Glaze the top with half tsp.ghee.Allow to cool and cut into