This is a protein rich snack,which can be made

and stored for some time.

This sweet is made with powdered green

gram…..bound by jaggery syrup,made into tiny

individual balls , dipped in flour and fried.

This sweet is always made specially ,during

South Indian and Srilankan festivals .

I have to admit that my first try was not a

successful one .

This recipe turned out soft and crunchy. There’s

a twist in this recipe with the addition of dry

ginger, coconut, and pepper,so do try and send

in your valuable


So …let’s get into this traditional recipe


1 cup whole green gram ( dry roasted till brown)

1/2 cup brown rice roasted ( you can use normal raw rice)*

1/2 cup slightly roasted coconut

2-3 cups treacle or jaggery melted thick with 2-3 tblsp sugar

a pinch of salt

1/2 tsp dry ginger powder

1 tsp cardamom powder

1/4 tsp. pepper powder

oil for frying

For the coating

1 cup all purpose flour

2 tsp rice flour

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp sugar

a pinch of salt


•First ,powder the roasted gram and rice very


•Mix in the coconut ,and the rest of the dry

ingredients .

•Heat the treacle or syrup slightly, and

gradually add to the mixture (enough to bind ).

•Make tiny balls of the mix .Dip the prepared

batter for coating ,and fry in oil till done.

Method for coating

Mix the ingredients with enough water to make

a pancake consistency batter.

*When dry roasting brown rice, it should turn slightly white and start to splutter.

If you are using white rice dry roast, till golden brown.

You could  use ,slightly roasted store bought rice flour too.




Moti- Pak is a gram flour sweet,made with fried

boondhis(just like boondhi/motichur ladoos)

Instead of shaping into ladoos this is pressed on

to a tray,and cut into squares ( like burfi).

My version of moti- pak was,  sandwiched with khova.

For variations and richer taste and shape ,some

add the khova into the boondhi mixture.

29-09-2020 ( added another version)-

powdered cashewnuts may be added in

place of khova or mawa and mixed to make


Addition of cashew powder has a lovely

taste .

Do try both versions .


2 cups gram/ besan flour

2-3 cups sugar ( I used only 2  cups)

Kesari powder

3/4 tsp.cardamon/ elaichi powder

A pinch of edible camphor ( optional)

A pinch of clove powder

Melon seeds / finely chopped cashewnuts


Oil for frying the boondhis

Slotted spoon ( preferably with a rim) or the

slotted spoon you use for frying


Mix the besan flour with enough water to make

a flowing ( not thin) batter .

Heat oil,and pour the  prepared batter through

the slotted spoon.

Pearly balls should be seen when dropped in


Now fry these till lightly crisp not dark brown.

Once all the boondhis are made set aside.

You can make the syrup simultaneously or

after you fry the boondhis too.

For the syrup.

Add 3/4 cup water to the sugar and make one

string consistency.

Add elaichi powder,camphor,and 1/4 tsp of

lime juice ( to prevent crystalization).

Add the fried boondhis and cook till the syrup

is reduced, not dry but soggy.

Transfer to a greased plate or lined with

parchment paper,and flatten half the mixture.

Next add khova layer.

Finally add the remaining boondhi layer.

Top with silver vark or nuts of your choice.

For fine cuts of the burfi allow to set for

minimum 2 hours.

For the khova layer

200 gm khova/mawa

sugar to your taste

Blend all these together fine and use.







Today my sweet recipe is with wheat flour.

I have posted recipes of badusha before with white flour,and in addition to that I’m

posting  now with wheat flour.

Badusha/Balushahi(oriental doughnut)-click on for the related badusha post

Now for the recipe..


Preparation time: 15-20 minutes

1 heaped cup wheat flour

1 tblsp.curd

a pinch of salt

1 tsp.sugar

6 tblsp butter+ ghee

For the syrup

3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

a dash of lemon juice

1 tsp ghee

1/2 tsp cardamon powder

few nuts for decoration (cashew,almond slivers,pistas )


Mix all the ingredients for the dough except the flour.

Beat till creamy.

Mix in the flour now, and lightly  make a dough (Do not knead )

Cover and set aside for 5-10 minutes.

Make flattened balls (cookie shaped).

Make an impression with your thumb in the centre on each .

Fry on a low flame till golden  on both sides.

Remove and set aside.


Heat the sugar and water till you get a light soft ball stage.(Put a drop of sugar syrup

on a plate,and if it stands firm without flowing it is the correct stage ).

Next add lime juice and cardamon powder and remove from fire.

Add a tsp.of ghee into the sugar syrup,mix  and add the fried badushas.

Swirl the pan to coat all the sides of the sweet.(2-3 minutes is enough)

Remove one by one carefully and decorate with nuts.

Allow to dry and  store.

Variation : You could coat with powdered sugar too.





Semolina /rawa/rulang toffee is an all time favourite,and a good nibble always and after

food too.

The authentic rawa/rulang tofee is made with coconut milk or  coconut ,but this time i

thought to make with milk powder, and the result was awesome.

So..let me share this recipe with you all…


1 cup roasted semolina

3/4 cup coconut

1 cup sugar

1 tblsp.ghee

1/2 cup milk powder

Cardamon powder

A few drops of food color (optional)


Heat the sugar and a little water (1/4 cup) till it bubbles and you get a one string

consistency.Add color,and cardamon powder.

Meanwhile mix the rawa,milk powder and coconut together in a separate bowl.

Add this to the sugar syrup with ghee and mix on medium flame till all combine together

leaving the sides of the pan.

Transfer to a greased plate .Cool and cut into desired shapes.