The sun seems to spread its heat aggressively,and the need to quench your thirst soars high.

To keep us hydrated we need to have juices which contribute to the moisture retention in the body .Fruits and

vegetables which have more water content should be included during this time .

So here’s to an absolute refreshing drink to beat the heat…


3 cucumbers

1 -2 oranges

few mint leaves

a pinch of salt

honey /sugar to taste

1/2- 1 cup water


Blend all the ingredients in a juicer /or juice extractor and serve.


Refreshing drinks are the need of the season

now in Chennai.

Fizzy drinks and bottled drinks is a big ‘No‘ in

my home.It’s always fresh fruit,vegetable,lassi,

or buttermilk.

So, I keep mixing and matching fruits and

vegetables to make juices .( at times I don’t

have time for photos, and not able to upload).

Well,for today’s absolute refreshing lassi.

Before I go any further I would like to enlighten

the word lassi for those who don’t know .

It relates to a pet name for some ,but in India

it means thick curd whipped with salt or sugar .

It is really a great refresher served with fruits

nuts or served plain with its uniqueness !

Healthy and excellent body coolant.

You could use your favourite fruit to make this!

To the recipe now


1 cup curd

2 oranges

A pinch of salt

2-3 tblsp palm candy sugar (use sweetness of your choice)


Blend the oranges ( remove seeds) with sugar

and salt.

Add the curd and whip up smooth.

Serve chilled.