This recipe came up when i wanted to prepare mutton biriyani,and the meat delivery

delayed due to the rains,i had no option to convert the meal to vegetarian ,and it tasted

really good.I had  soaked rajma in the fridge already,so it was easy and  believe me it really

gave a nice flavor with jeeraga samba rice.

Pineapple roasted in ghee added to it gave a different and nice flavor.


For the recipe


400-500 gm jeeraga samba rice(tiny grain rice)

2-3 big onions sliced

1/2 cup small onions ground coarse(one whiz in blender)

2 green chillies

1 tsp chilli powder

2 inch piece ginger

10 pips of garlic

1 tblsp.garam masala powder

1/4 nutmeg

1 tsp.turmeric

1 cup rajma or kidney beans(variegated )

1 tsp.cummin seeds

1 bay leaf

3 tomatoes chopped

2 carrots

handful of mint leaves

1/4 pineapple chopped and fried in ghee

few whole spices(5 cardamons,3-4 pieces cinnamon,6-7 cloves,small piece sea moss)

salt to taste

Oil +ghee


Wash and soak the rajma in turmeric water till you make other preparations.Wash and

soak the rice for 20 minutes.Grind the bold listed and set aside.Heat oil in a thick

bottomed  vessel add the whole spices ,and sliced onions,and fry till brown.

Next add the coarsely ground small onions,tomatoes and salt.

Next add the ground paste, washed rajma,carrot and mint leaves,and saute for few

minutes.Add the rice ,cook for 5 minutes and add hot water 1.5 inches above rice level.

Cook open for 5 minutes,add the pineapple pieces on top.Cover with a banana leaf.

Top it with a lid .Pour water on top of the lid and keep a heavy weight on the lid.Simmer on

a low fire( dum).till cooked for 15 -20 minutes.Add 2 tblsp.ghee on top.(optional)

Serve with raita ,any curry you prefer.

The same recipe can be tried with chicken or lamb.