This plain cheese cake is very easy to make,and it tastes very good ! The addition of semolina or rawa gives you the the taste of a love cake(recipe yet to upload).Iv tried this with just plain curdled milk,(when milk got spoilt)  and it tasted fine too.Now for the recipe:

3 cups cottage cheese/paneer.

1 cup rawa/semolina

1 cup sugar

1 tblsp.butter/clarified butter

3 eggs

1/4 tsp almond essence

1/2 cup almonds

To make paneer or cottage cheese

1+1/2 litres milk

1-2 tblsp.lemon juice

Heat milk and add the lime juice to it.When you see the milk curdling.remove from the fire.Drain on a muslin cloth,and set aside.

Roast the semolina slightly until warm,(the color should not change).Mix the cheese with the semolina and allow to stand for half an hour.Blanch,peel and coarsely powder the almonds. Beat the eggs.Mix the rest of the ingredients, the powdered almonds and the eggs into the semolina mix..Bake in a moderate oven for 45 minutes(180 degrees).Can be served cold or hot.

Tip:Do not throw the whey,after making paneer.The liquid can be used to make fluffy chappathis,or any type of rotis.Can be added while making dhal or paneer too.Some whey can be added to buttermilk too. The whey has a lot of nutrients so don’t discard it.


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