Papaya and capsicum is another healthy chutney you have to try.I have posted the benefits

and recipes of capsicum in my previous posts.Now it’s with the combination of raw papaya.

Raw papaya is good to burn fat,controls bowel movements.It is a good remedy for indigestion

heart burn,stomach ulcers,gastric problems,controls proper flow of blood and maintains

blood pressure.So,considered good for heart patients too.You can slice the raw papaya and

cook with dal,make pickles,jam,juices,salads,mallum or poriyal with coconut.

Today I’m going to bring you the recipe for raw papaya and capsicum chutney.You can

combine with other veggies like,chow chow,carrot,green tomato,red tomato,coriander leaves

ginger,garlic,raw mango……..You could start your culinary expertise,and inventions to get into

some more combinations …..Do share your suggestions and comments.

To the recipe..


2 green capsicum

1 cup peeled and chopped raw papaya

3-4 garlic with peel on

7-8 red chillies

2 tblsp.coriander seeds

1 tsp cummin seeds

2 tblsp channa dal (kadala parippu)

Few curry leaves(optional)

Salt to taste

Small piece of tamarind

1 tblsp oil.


Heat oil in a pan and roast the bold listed ,till the dal turns light brown.

In the same oil,sauté the capsicum and raw papaya for 5-10 minutes.

Grind all together to a paste.Serve with Iddli,dosai ,rice,or rotis.

Note:If you like you could temper.



Potato for some is a misconception that it makes you fat.Of course if you are taking potato

mixed with butter(potato mash),french fries,fried potatoes will definitely play the role of

making you fat.People who want to gain weight can opt for food like that.It is always

important to take food according to your own body structure and requirements.

Potato is one of the common and important food which carry a wealth of health benefits.

This seems to be a staple diet for many around the planet.The research so far shows that

potato helps to reduce cholesterol,boost heart health,immunity,eye health,skin and many

more healthy facts.Potato is a storehouse for energy,minerals and vitamins .Potatoes store

70-80 percent of water content of it weight,so regular intake of this vegetable,ensures you

with a good supply of water and ions in the body.whew..!

Now for the simple recipe.(no butter/oil)


200-250 gm boiled potatoes

2 green chillies chopped

3-4 stalks of spring onions chopped fine

3/4 cup coconut grated

1 tsp.chilli flakes

1/4 tsp.pepper powder

a pinch of nutmeg grated

juice of 1 lemon or 1 tsp.amchur powder(dry mango powder)

salt to taste


Mix all these together .Do not mash well.Break the potatoes with your fingers.This can be

served with any meal.Good for a wrap,nuggets,or filling for samosas,or toasted



This is a good accompaniment with pulaos,biriyani or any rice.As stated in my previous posts of prawn biriyani  this is a body cooling food

1 small piece of valalthandu (cubed into tiny pieces and boiled for 10 minutes)

1 onion cubed

1 green chilli

1 small carrot grated

a little chives

a pinch of sugar

salt to taste.

curd .

Mix all together.Add enough curd  to cover the vegetables.Add salt to taste.Add the water remaining after boiling the stem.


This leaf is known for its medicinal properties ,and it is very good for diabetic patients,good memory enhancer,and is also used in ayurvedic medicine.

The recipe for the salad

I bunch (1 cup)leaves sliced fine

3 green chillies sliced fine

12-15 sliced small onions /2 big onions chopped fine

1 tomato sliced fine.

1 carrot grated

1/2 lime

1/4 tsp pepper

salt to taste.

2-3 tblsp. coconut milk(optional)

Mix all ingredients together .Add lime juice.Its a very good salad to serve with rice.

My versions of serving:

Bruschettas can be made with this salad

Chappathi filling –Make egg chappathis and roll with this salad.This is an excellent snack which i love very much.


Top fried chicken with this salad.

Flaked or baked salmon (fish) can be topped with this salad with a sprinkle of pineapple cubes.


500-750 gm chicken

1 cup pineapple cubes

1 carrot grated

2-3 flakes of garlic chopped

a small piece of ginger chopped fine

1 onion chopped fine

lettuce leaves

1+1/2 cups thousand island dressing(see recipe below)

Boil chicken with skin in salt water.Add ginger,garlic,and onion.remove the skin from the chicken and shred.mix in thousand island dressing and chill in fridge.Serve on a bed of lettuce and grated carrot.

Thousand Island Dressing.

1 cup mayonnaise

1 tblsp.tomato sauce

1 tsp.chilli sauce.

1 tblsp.capsicum chopped

1 tblsp.onion chopped

1 tblsp.chopped cucumber

salt if needed.

Mix all with mayonnaise.bottle and store in fridge.Use when required


Those who don’t like taste of this vegetable,will really love this salad  no doubt!


2-3 bitter gourd seeds removed and cut thinly(round or strips)

1/2 tsp chilli powder

1/2 tsp.pepper powder

2 green chillies (sliced fine)

1 tomato (sliced fine)

1-2 tblsp.coconut milk

1/2 cup pineapple chopped

salt to taste

1-2 tblsp.lime juice

Coriander leaves for garnishing

Add chilli powder and salt to the bitter gourd,set aside for 5 mins.and fry to a golden brown color.Drain on kitchen paper.Mix all other ingredients.Serve with rice/fried rice.

Note:Once fried the bitterness of this vegetable will be minimal.

Tip to remove bitterness: 1.Don’t put away the water you wash rice with,instead use it to soak the    cut gourd for 10 minutes. Wash again and use.From my experience i think this is the best method for removing the bitterness.

2.Mix with turmeric powder and set aside for 5 mins.Wash and use.

3.Soak in buttermilk.wash and use.

4.Use tamarind water to soak.wash and use.

 5.Use jaggery water to soak.wash and use.

These are some of the options i have tried.Do send me your comments.