Well this was my title for fried rice as i used Malaysian chilli paste(omitted few ing.) to mix

in .I used lime leaves for the paste,and added lime juice to the rice ,and it turned good.

The authentic  paste will have shrimps /fish sauce included.

You could include other meat or seafood of your choice.

I never use aji-no-moto,in my recipes,as my sway is always to the health side! 

Now for the recipe.


2 cups basmati rice /or good quality raw rice parboiled.

1 cup boneless chicken

1 tsp.chopped ginger and garlic

2-3 eggs

2 carrots chopped fine

12-15 beans chopped

1 small bok choy chopped fine .(cabbage can be used instead)

3-4 leeks/1 bunch spring onions(green and white part separately cut)

1 pepper/white pepper

1 tblsp fish sauce/oyster sauce

2 green chillies/capsicum chopped and soaked in vinegar

juice of 1 big lime

3 tblsp.oil

1 tblsp.tomato sauce.

1 tsp.sugar

salt to taste

 For the Chilli paste

8-9 red chillies soaked in hot water.

7-8 pips garlic

2-3 lime leaves

a little vinegar to grind with

sea salt

Grind all this to a coarse paste,(do not add water.)add to  the chicken with 1 tblsp. olive oil/sesame oil and grill(on a grilling pan) till chicken is done.

Method to mix the rice.

Heat oil in a wok,add the chopped ginger-garlic,and saute for a minute.Next add the cut

vegetables reserving the green part of the leaves/spring onions.(to be added finally)

The vegetables should not be fully cooked. 

Add in the beaten eggs and pepper(Shove the vegetables to a corner of the wok while

adding eggs,do not mix in with the vegetables till it is scrambled).Mix the cooked rice

with lemon juice .Now add in the rice with the sugar and the soaked green chillies ,the

chicken mixture the sauces,and the greens and mix well.Cover and slow cook for 2-3


Remove from fire. Serve hot.

Note:Fried rice should always be mixed on high heat,except for the final stage.














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