GREEN JUICES(Breakfast juices)

Today i’m going to give you 2 healthy juices for breakfast.One is a celerycombination,the

other is a spinach combination.Both these leaves have amazing health contributes.

To start with celery.Celery taken in the form of juice gives you extra benefits,than used in

other dishes.Nutrients in the fibre are released when made into a juice.High content

of vitamins  A,B1, B2, B6 and C with rich supplies of potassium, folate, calcium,

magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and plenty essential amino acids. So,… now i shall

pause at the health benefits,and now proceed to the recipe.

Celery and Amla juice


1/2 cup celery  leaves

2-3 amla/nelli/gooseberry pitted

1/2 an inch piece ginger

1 tblsp honey.

a pinch of salt

jaggery to suit your taste.

1-2 cups water


Put all the ingredients in a juice extractor.Blend well ,and serve chilled.

Those who are more on to the health side,you could drink it without straining.(well, i

drink it like this.)

Variations: Tender coconut water may be added in place of water



These two vegetables share the same type of health benefits.White pumpkin considered

to have loads of water content, is refreshing for summer,and also aids in fat loss.

This can be taken with only salt or only sugar/jaggery/honey.Your preferances always.!


100 gm white pumpkin peeled and cubed (leave the seeds on to get extra benefits)

a handful of spinach leaves(palak leaves).

1/4 cup curd

salt to taste

sweeteners like honey,sugar,jaggery added to your preferance.

1/4 tsp.cummin seed powder (cooling agent)

1-2 cups water


Blend all these in a juicer,juice extractor.Serve cool .





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