Today’s innovated recipe is with Mango the

king of the season!

I had ordered mangoes,and due to transport

some seemed pulpy .As the mangoes were very

sweet,I squished it further and got the pulp

without any gadgets.

The question of what to do with the pulp,paved

way to this beautiful sweet.

Within minutes,I started to make . This time I

did not powder the cashew nuts,I ground the

cashews with milk to a fine paste.

To the recipe now


1 cup cashewnuts

1/4 cup milk

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

1-2 tblsp milk powder

Pulp of 1 mango

A pinch of nutmeg powder

A pinch of salt


Grind the cashews with milk to a fine paste.

Heat sugar with water and cook till bubbly and

thick .

Reduce heat add the cashew paste and mix well

without any lumps.

Add the mango pulp, milk powder, salt and mix

till you get a thick consistency . ( If you take a

small piece and roll between your fingers it

should not stick ).

Transfer to a board and keep stirring till it gets

lightly cool .

Knead lightly and roll between two sheets of

butter paper .

Allow to cool fully and cut into shapes you


Do try and post in your valued comments and

suggestions !


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