I really loved the vibrant colour and the taste!

I wanted to innovate something new,and was

peeking into the fridge for ideas.

You know when you run out of ideas,you seem

fused and confused.I think all you homemakers

out there would have had the same experience.

The query in my thought was put before my

kids..( As meat lockdown) ,and the answer was

‘ chappathi’.Thought to make stuffed chappathi,

but in the spur of the moment I decided to

grind the capsicum and make the dough .After

making the dough , I wanted some contrast and

snipped a few leeks in .

The taste was excellent and I think only a

raita ,or a cheese dip will be amazing to serve

with .

So let’s get into the recipe


3-4 cups wheat flour

2-3 red capsicums ground to a paste

2 -3 tbsp oil

Salt to taste


I always add flour to the water , not water to

the flour ( take care not to add more water ).

This method gives soft chappathis instantly.

Add salt,ground paste,oil to the water ,and mix

in the flour gradually and make a soft dough.

Add leeks/spring onions if you prefer .

Divide into portions and roll out chappathis.

Heat a griddle and cook on both sides.

Smear ghee/butter if you prefer.


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