This recipe is the same as Paneer Butter Masala which i posted earlier,the only difference is chicken is

replaced for paneer. Here’s the link .https://calinskitchen.com/2015/03/02/paneer-butter-masala/  to



Tandoori chicken pieces can be added to the same masala.  https://calinskitchen.com/2014/10/25/honey-tandoori-chicken/

Chicken nuggets can be added

Grilled,steamed,boiled,or baked chicken also can be added.

Chicken balls or chicken kebabs

Sauteed chicken mince ,added is a good accompaniment to serve with chappathis,naans,or any type of roti/breads.

Now for the recipe

500 gm boneless chicken cubed

2-3 onions roughly chopped

4 big tomatoes cut

1 handful of cashewnuts

2-3 green chillies/julienned capsicums

1 tblsp.ginger-garlic paste.

2 tsp.kashmiri chilli powder

1 tsp.cummin seed powder

1tsp.garam masala powder

1/2 tsp.roughly crushed pepper

2 tblsp.kasuri methi leaves.(dried fenugreek leaves)

2-3 tblsp.butter

2 tblsp.honey

Salt to taste.

Fresh cream-1tblsp(optional)

Heat a tblsp.of butter,and saute the onions,tomatoes,and cashew till the onions are pink,and the tomatoes are soft.Grind this coarsely and set aside.
Heat the remaining butter on a slow fire(do not allow the butter to brown).Add the chilli powder.
Add the ginger-garlic paste immediately, take care not to allow the chilli powder to get burnt,as it will lose the color and the flavor.
Add the ground paste,and salt and saute well till.
Add 1 cup water and cook for 5-7minutes.
Add chicken pieces and the rest of the ingredients except kasuri methi. Simmer for 5-10 minutes
Slightly toss the methi leaves for 1 second in a pan.
Crush the tossed leaves between the palms of your hands and add to the masala for good aroma and flavour!

NOTE:If you are adding chicken pieces directly,without the variations i have listed above.Simmer till chicken is cooked.


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