I’m a lover of the Basil leaves ,and I have lot of basil in my terrace garden

Each time I go near it,I take a whiff of the exotic fragrance.

I use it many recipes to name a few in salads,pizza and drinks.

Now I’m going to share a recipe with rice.It’s a fragrant and healthy rice .

So let’s start.


1 cup cooked rice ( any good quality rice)

3-4 beaten eggs

100 gm boneless chicken cut into small cubes

2 pips garlic chopped

2 tblsp olive oil

1-2 tblsp chilli flakes.

salt to taste.

1 cup basil leaves cut


Heat the oil,add chopped garlic,and chicken .

When the chicken pieces change color add the chilli flakes and saute for a minute.

Shove the chicken pieces to a side of the pan or wok,and add the beaten eggs and

scramble.Add salt.

Now add the basil leaves.Saute for a minute and immediately add the

cooked rice and stir.

Add more chilli flakes if you like .Remove from fire and serve with side dishes of your choice

Those who love maldive fish or dried prawns can lightly fry with chillies.

Powder and add to rice .


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